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Take our survey to inform a new recycling service  

An additional recycling collection service is being considered for Beaverton, Hillsboro and unincorporated Washington County. This new service would include select items that aren’t allowed in your glass recycling or mixed recycling bins. These additional items could include such things as batteries, plastic bags, take-out containers, compact fluorescent bulbs and more. Items will be selected that meet community demand and have a viable recovery or reuse market.  

Customers wishing to participate in the additional collection service would subscribe for an additional monthly fee. Materials would be collected once or twice monthly.  

We want to know what you think! Does the service we’ve described serve your needs? If not, why? If so, what should be included?

Take our 5-minute survey and share your thoughts by December 17th! 

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Save money with our top tips to reduce wasted food

We know wasted food is wasted money. In fact, each household here in Oregon tosses $1,600 worth of food a year on average.

Save some money and unnecessary trips to the grocery store by making sure what you buy gets eaten. Our Eat Smart, Waste Less website provides guides, downloadable tools and easy, effective ideas, like:

  • Puree and freeze sad spinach in an ice cube tray. Use in stews or smoothies later.
  • Use the bulk section at the store so you can get the exact amount you need and not more.
  • Next time you open the fridge, pull the food that needs to be eaten soon to the front; or put it in an ‘Eat this first’ bin.
  • After you write your grocery list, shop your kitchen first.

Find us on Facebook and YouTube where we’re sharing our favorite tips and new videos each week. From a 2-minute check of your refrigerator’s temperature to learning a few key kitchen skills, each idea that you put into action in your daily life will help save food and save money.

What about businesses? How can I reduce food waste at work?

Although most of the edible food in Washington County's garbage comes from homes, a good portion still comes from the business community. The good news is that each business can have a big impact on food waste by making one or more operational changes.  

  • Check out the videos showcasing successes from local businesses through the Food Waste Stops with Me campaign. There you’ll find tools for tracking food waste, guidance on where to donate and how to compost.
  • Register for the next Green Business Symposium – the focus is food waste reduction!
  • Contact us to learn about food donation opportunities.
  • Collect your food scraps for composting – we can help set up your program!

It takes time, energy, valuable natural resources and heart to grow and deliver our food to our tables. We can make sure we don’t lose all that to spoilage and waste.



Join us for the Green Business Symposium

Join Washington County Green Business Leaders, the Washington County Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Beaverton for an engaging discussion about food and climate and how Washington County communities and the region are responding. Register now for this free event taking place Thursday, December 2, 2021.

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Latte & Learn event resources

Check out our YouTube page for all of our previous Latte & Learn recordings plus many other videos. If you would like copies of a slide show by our one of our presenters, please connect with us!