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Monster in your closet?


Two-thirds of households have an old, unwanted TV, monitor, tablet or computer stashed away. Electronics are resource intensive to produce and contain heavy metals. It is important to manage them properly or else they could become monsters in the environment. 

In Oregon, it’s free and easy to safely recycle these electronics through the Oregon E-cycles program and keep harmful materials like lead and mercury out of our air, soil and water. Find a drop-off recycling facility near you with the Garbage and Recycling Day app. #MonsterInYourCloset #OREcycles

But, before recycling, please consider how you can reduce and reuse first! Compared to recycling, extending the life of electronic devices has a much greater benefit to the environment, the community and often your wallet.

Extend the life of your device

Mobile devices and computers can last five years or more. Keep your device up and running by fixing the issues that lead to replacement.

  • Data storage. Delete large photo and video files. Store these on another device or external drive. Delete unused apps and software. Clear the cache.
  • Speed. Add more RAM. Reduce the number of programs that run on start-up. Change power settings and use the disk cleanup and defragmentation tools. Swap out a standard drive with a solid state drive (SSD).
  • Battery. Avoid excessive heat and don’t completely drain the battery. Get to know setting that can preserve energy like energy saver mode and screen brightness. Look into replacing the battery instead of the whole unit. 
  • Protection and repair. Use a screen protector and case. Take your item to a repair shop or find out how to fix common issues using iFixit’s tutorials.
Give your unwanted electronics to someone that needs them.
Data Security

Whether you are giving your device to someone or recycling it, erase all personal data so you can feel secure and confident of your choice. Find data destruction tips at the Oregon E-cycles website. Learn about Free Geek’s data destruction process here.  



Upcoming Latte & Learn: November 3, 2021

Join City of Portland's Behavioral Science Liaison, Lindsey Maser, and learn how to apply lessons from behavioral science and take advantage of this moment to reinvigorate workplace sustainability efforts.

Event details

  • Date & Time: Tuesday November 3rd @ 9:00 a.m.
  • Location: Zoom registration required.
  • Spanish interpretation will be available during this event.
  • Please note that this webinar will be recorded.
  • Pre-registration required.


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