Breastfeeding Support

breastfeeding momWashington County WIC is dedicated to helping moms succeed at their breastfeeding goals and offers many services to help. All WIC services are free to those who qualify. We have a Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) on staff to provide breastfeeding support services to moms. We also offer a variety of breastfeeding classes and support groups.

Why does breastfeeding matter? Read more here.

Also, check out the ingredients in breastmilk and formula. Usually the fewer ingredients something has, the better it is for you. Not true in this instance, when more is better!

WIC encourages and supports exclusive breastfeeding (nothing but breast milk) for at least six months and then breastfeeding plus supplemental foods for up to 12+ months. But we respect whatever decision you make regarding breastfeeding your infant.

We offer breastfeeding groups and classes and can help if you are returning to work or school.

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