Food Benefits and Nutrition

Nutrition is a big deal at WIC! We want you and your kids to be healthy and strong, so we offer resources and benefits that help you get nutritious food and learn what to do with it!

Extra fruits and veggies through March 2022

Current and new WIC participants will receive a temporary increase in their monthly fruit and vegetable benefit through March 2022. The standard monthly amounts for the WIC fruit and vegetable benefit are $9 per child and $11 per adult. The amounts have temporarily increased to: 

  • $24 for each child over 13 months of age 
  • $43 for pregnant and non-breastfeeding participants 
  • $47 for breastfeeding participants 

More information in our press release. (English/Spanish)

Food benefits: Shopping with eWIC

Baby with WIC foodWhen you sign up for WIC, you will receive electronic monthly benefits that can be redeemed for specific nutritious food items at the grocery store. With eWIC, using WIC benefits to buy food has never been easier. WIC doesn't use paper vouchers like before. Instead, your benefits are loaded onto a card that works like a debit card. See the WIC Food List for examples of food items that may be included in your benefits package.

When you shop at the store, use the free WICShopper app on your phone to check your food benefit balance and which foods you can buy.


Recipes and helpful hints

WIC also offers online and in-person nutrition classes.