HHS is Moving Back to PSB (Most of us)!

The seismic retrofit of the Public Services Building (PSB) is now complete! Many of us have moved back to 155 N. First Avenue in Hillsboro.


Administrative Services

Moved to PSB Suite 160. 


Children, Youth and Families

Moved to PSB Suite 160.


Developmental Disabilities (staying at Blanton for now)

Several additional staff members in the Developmental Disabilities program will move to 20665 SW Blanton Street in Aloha to join their colleagues who have been there since April 2018. Contact Geoffrey Frasier for more information.


HHS Director's Office

Moved to PSB Suite 170.


Public Health (multiple programs)

Environmental Health (food handler cards, restaurant inspections, air quality, septic permits and more) and Vital Records (birth and death records) are now located at the PSB Suite 170.

Disease Control and Prevention has moved to the PSB. The entrance is where the awning is on the west side of the building (formerly the Hillsboro WIC entrance).

These programs moved back too: Research, Analytics, Informatics and Data (RAID), Suite 160, Emergency Preparedness, Suite 170, Emergency Medical Services, Suite 170, and Medical Examiner Office, 160.

Maternal Child & Reproductive Health moved from two locations to the PSB Suite 170.

The Hillsboro WIC office has permanently moved to the Public Services Annex, located at 254 N. First Avenue in Hillsboro. WIC will NOT be moving back to the Public Services Building. 


Solid Waste & Recycling

Moved to PSB Suite 160.