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By-Name Case Conferencing

Ending Chronic Homelessness: "Built for Zero" Initiative

2/28/2020 - Kaiser Permanente invited Washington County to participate in the Built For Zero national initiative to transform the homeless response system serving chronically homeless people to ensure the most vulnerable are assisted in preparing for housing readiness  and quickly access permanent supportive housing.  This work is lead by Community Solutions with information available online at  

Washington County Achieves 100% Quality Data status:

  • On 8/19/2020, Washington County completed the 26-elements required to achieve full implementation of the national Built For Zero initiative
  • This includes 4-months of complete, reliable and real-time data supporting the By-Name List process.

To join our effort in ending chronic homelessness, please contact the Built For Zero Leadership Team.




The Kaiser Permanente National Community Benefit Fund at the East Bay Community Foundation awards $100,000 for "Care Coordination Program"

Washington County Housing Services will receive a $100,000 grant award on October 15, 2020 to implement a Care Coordination program focused on preventing COVID disease transmission through monitoring wellness of houseless individuals and providing navigational supports to address social determinates of health by reducing barriers that high-acuity houseless individuals experience.


The Care Coordination program will develop trusting relationships with houseless individuals residing in temporary shelter that need a continuity of care to successfully address health care and access to housing; e.g. assist with health care insurance application, referral for preventative health care, and housing navigation supports. The COVID-19 pandemic is magnifying these obstacles for houseless individuals as reported by Built For Zero implementation data reporting average 90+ days from identification to housing move-in date in July 2020, as compared to 44 days in March 2020.



Ending Veteran Homelessness

Community Action Organization in partnership with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs maintains a master list of homeless veterans in Washington County and meet regularly to ensure that service providers work together to end veteran homelessness.  This effort has resulted in the reduction of veteran homelessness by 18%.  To join this effort, contact Pat Rogers, Community Action or Gary Smith, U.S. Veteran Affairs.


Ending Family Homelessness

Community Action Organization in partnership with the Family Shelter Network maintains a master list of homeless families with minor children in Washington County and meet regularly to ensure that service providers work together to end family homelessness.