System Performance


HUD System Perfomance Measurements

Metric 1: Reduction in Length of Time People Remain Homeless

Metric 2: Reduction in % of People Returning to Homelessness (Recidivism)

Metric 3: Reduction in # of People Experiencing Homelessness

Metric 4: Increase in % of Adults who Gain or Increase Income (HUD-funded CoC Program)

Metric 5: Reduction in People Experiencing Homelessness for the First Time

Metric 7a1: Increase in % of Adult Head-of-Households Exiting from Street Outreach to Permanent Housing (PH)

Metric 7b1: Increase in % of Adult Head-of-Households Exiting to PH or retain Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)


HUD System Performance Reports

FY2015/16 System Performance Measurement Results

FY2016/17 System Performance Measurement Results

FY2017/18 System Performance Measurement Results

FY2018/19 System Performance Measurement Results