Moving to Work (MTW)

Moving to Work (MTW) is a HUD program that gives housing authorities flexibility around certain federal rules and regulations and allows the agency to implement local solutions.  The Housing Authority of Washington County (HAWC) was selected for MTW status in May 2021.  Our agreement is for participation for 20 years.  2022 will be our first submission of proposed MTW activities.


The MTW program provides the Housing Authority of Washington County with a unique opportunity to design and test innovative, locally designed housing and self-sufficiency strategies for serving low-income families.  MTW agencies have greater flexibility to administer their public housing and Housing Choice Voucher programs with policies that can address local needs and that allow the housing authority to utilize restricted funds in creative ways.


MTW FAQs, click here:    English version     Spanish version


What are MTW Activities?

The Housing Authority will use our MTW flexibility by creating locally designed MTW activities.  These MTW activities are ways the agency will propose to operate differently than standard federal regulation, in an effort to create strategies that best fit our local needs.  MTW activities will be shared with the community, with our Housing Advisory Committee and with our Housing Authority Board of Directors to solicit feedback on changes before plans are submitted to HUD for approval.


The Moving to Work program has three statutory objectives: 1) increase affordable housing choices, 2) increase cost effectiveness, and/or 3) promote self-sufficiency.  Each MTW activity will be designed to meet one or more of these statutory objectives.


2022 MTW Activities

The 2022 PHA Annual Plan included the Housing Authority of Washington County’s first MTW activities, described in the Form 50075-MTW.  A description of our 2022 MTW plans (organized by activity rather than by HUD waiver) is also available below in the 2022 MTW Activity Plan.



Draft 2022 50075-MTW Supplement – Pending HUD approval (submitted April 8, 2022)

2022 MTW Activity Plan


Quick Info – 2022 Activities: English version   Spanish version
Quick Info – Tiered Rents: English version   Spanish version


For more information on MTW, please visit HUD’s website at


Public Meetings

In March 2022, the Housing Authority of Washington County hosted four online meetings for community partners and for residents and participants to learn about our MTW Activity proposals for 2022-2023.  The slideshow from those presentations can be found here.