Moving to Work (MTW)

Housing Authority of Washington County Moving to Work Information Page

The Housing Authority of Washington County (HAWC) is in the process of applying for Moving to Work (MTW) status with HUD.  The MTW demonstration program provides select public housing authorities with a unique opportunity to design and test innovative, locally designed housing and self-sufficiency strategies for low-income families.  MTW agencies have the flexibility to administer their public housing and HCV programs with policies that can address local needs and allow the public housing authority to utilize restricted funds in creative ways.

Click to view the MTW Application (01/06/21).  

Public Meetings

The public meetings that took place on Oct. 23 and 26, 2020, provided an opportunity to learn about the MTW program and the proposed occupancy standard changes. The goal was to discuss how these changes would impact HAWC and its participants. In addition, the meetings allowed stakeholders to offer input on how HAWC will use its MTW flexibility. Some of the activities required by HUD may impact how participant rent is calculated and how participants report household changes to HAWC.

HAWC is publishing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on this page. The FAQs answer some general questions about the MTW program and the occupancy standard changes. Staff also addressed specific questions during the Oct. 23 and 26 public meetings; these FAQs are posted separately below. 

Occupancy Standards FAQs, click here:    English version    Spanish version   

MTW FAQs, click here:    English version     Spanish version 

Questions from the October 23 & 26 Public Meetings   
MTW Questions English October 23 & 26 meeting
MTW Questions Arabic
MTW Questions Vietnamese
MTW Questions Japanese
MTW Questions Somali
MTW Questions Spanish
Occupancy Standards Questions English  October 23 & 26 meeting
Occupancy Standards Questions Arabic
Occupancy Standards Questions Vietnamese
Occupancy Standards Questions Japanese
Occupancy Standards Questions Somali
Occupancy Standards Questions Spanish

To view public meeting slideshow, click here:   English version    Spanish version

Thank you for your interest in these changes! 

What are some flexibilities that are available to MTW agencies?

Cost Effectiveness

~Using the MTW funds to leverage funds
~Streamlining HUD processes
~Simplification of rent calculations

Self Sufficiency

~Linking rental assistance with supportive services
~Earned income exclusions
~Self Sufficiency / employment requirements

Housing Choice

~Developing mixed-income tax credit properties and other affordable housing
~Developing sponsor-based voucher program to assist homeless and other at-risk groups
~Encouraging moves to higher opportunity areas

For more information on MTW please visit HUD's website at