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Community Meeting to discuss Hillsboro Bridge Shelter

The Washington County Local Implementation Plan (LIP) guides the implementation of our Supportive Housing Services program. The LIP was created with broad community feedback over many months to inform data analysis of current programs, racial disparities, and unmet needs, as well as shared values and commitments of the program. The Washington County Plan was approved unanimously by the Board of County Commissioners, Metro Oversight Committee, and the Metro Council. 

Local Implementation Plan (here)

Our Local Implementation Plan commits to several program goals for this first year, and for the overall program. These goals continue to guide program investments and evaluations to ensure the community need is met.

Year 1

  • Achieve 500 Supportive Housing Placements 
  • Stabilize 500 additional households with other housing programs
  • Create 100 new year-round shelter beds 

Long-term Goals

  • Sustain 1650 Supportive Housing Placements annually
  • Create and sustain 250 year-round shelter beds annually
  • Ensure housing placement and retention outcomes advance racial equity

Program Reporting

To track implementation process, the program publishes quarterly and annual reports that describe program updates, outcomes, and financial expenditures.

Homeless Plan Advisory Committee

The LIP framework will continually guide our work to address homelessness with supportive housing in Washington County and be evaluated and improved as needed through the ongoing work of our local Homeless Plan Advisory Committee (HPAC). The HPAC is a community advisory committee appointed by the Board of County Commissioner to provide direction and evaluation of homeless and supportive housing programs. HPAC works to ensure transparent accountability to the public, efficient and effective use of public investments, and equitable housing outcomes for our community.

Regional program and oversight

The Metro regional government is responsible for tax collection and convening the regional oversight committee. Find more information about the regional program at Metro Supportive Housing Services

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