Clover Court Update No. 9

Release date: 11/15/2019
Sponsored by: Housing Services Department

Clover Court open house Nov. 22


Clover Court grounds

Luke-Dorf, Inc., plans to convene a neighborhood open house on November 22 from 10 a.m. to noon at the newly completed Clover Court apartments, a six-unit affordable housing development for homeless individuals facing mental health challenges. The open house will be held at 17157 SW Bany Road in Beaverton. The purpose of the open house is to provide neighbors, nearby property owners and partner organizations with an opportunity to tour the three homes and better understand the role permanent, supportive housing plays in strategies to address homelessness.  

WHAT: Clover Court Open House
WHEN: 10 a.m. to noon on Friday, November 22, 2019
WHERE: 17157 SW Bany Road, in Beaverton
WHY: To provide neighboring residents and property owners the opportunity to view the apartments and learn more about their role in addressing homelessness. More information is available by contacting Will Allen, Housing Director with Luke-Dorf, at 503-597-3988.

More information about the Clover Court apartments and other efforts to reduce homelessness can be found at the Washington County and Luke-Dorf websites.


Mental illness affects people in many different ways and can require a wide range of treatment and supportive housing strategies. Some are coping well with their illness and able to live productive, independent lives while others need intervention and supports that are tailored to their specific situation. Some individuals need residential treatment with round-the-clock supervision, while others do well in permanent, independent housing with supportive services.

Housing Continuum

On the "Housing Continuum" of residential options for those facing mental health challenges, the Clover Court development falls under the “Permanent Independent Housing: Supportive and Supported” category on the chart. Through a rigorous screening process, Luke-Dorf will provide housing at Clover Court to those who function well in an independent living situation which is integrated into the community with supportive onsite services, rather than constant supervision.

In keeping with the Community Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness, Washington County works in collaboration with nonprofit organizations and local service providers to offer housing options across the entire housing continuum and at locations throughout the community. Ultimately, no one type of housing will solve the homelessness problem. Instead, a variety of housing types is needed to address the range of mental health challenges faced by those in our community.  

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