FAQ - Justice Court

Traffic Safety

How do I change my trial date?

Once a trial date has been scheduled, requests for a new date must be made in writing and will be granted only in the case of a verifiable emergency.

What happens if I miss my trial date?

A missed trial date will result in imposition of the full fine amount of the violation(s)and an entry of the conviction(s)on your driving record. A notice to suspend your driver's license will be sent to the DMV.

What happens if I plead not guilty?

If you enter a plea of not-guilty, a trial will be scheduled with the officer present.

What if I can’t be there on my arraignment date?

You are automatically granted a one-week grace period from the court appearance date on you citation. You do not need to contact the court for this extension. It is granted automatically.

You also have the option to make a written plea. You will need to post the full presumptive fine along with a letter to the Judge. A written explanation will be given the same consideration as a personal appearance. If the fine is reduced, a refund will be sent by mail so please make sure to include a valid mailing address if you choose this option.

What is the difference between an arraignment and a trial?

An arraignment is the court appearance date and time the police officer entered on the bottom of your citation. This is the time in which you will enter your plea of guilty, not guilty or no contest. A trial is the scheduled date you and the citing officer will appear if you plead not-guilty to a charge.

What is the difference between guilty and no contest?

A plea of guilty means that you are admitting to the violation. A no-contest plea means that you are not admitting to the violation, but accept that you will be treated the same as if you had plead guilty and will result in a fine and a conviction on your driving record.

Will the citing police officer be there for my arraignment?

The citing police officer will not be at your arraignment.


Can I pay for my ticket without having to appear?

You may pay your ticket by mailing a check or money order and a copy of the citation to: The Washington County Justice Court, 3700 SW Murray Blvd., Suite #150, Beaverton, Oregon, 97005. OR you may call the court between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday and pay by phone using your Visa, Matercard or Discover card.

Do you offer traffic school to keep the violation off of my driving record?

Traffic safety school is offered to youth and adults with no prior traffic convictions, who have not already participated in a traffic diversion program. You must also meet eligibility requirements set forth by the Court as determined at your Court appearance.

How can I pay my ticket if the Court has sent a notice of suspension to the DMV?

After a notice of suspension has been issued, you must pay the full amount owed before the court will clear the hold on your driver's license. The court will not accept personal checks in this case.

What should I plead?

The Court Clerks can not give you legal advice or influence your choice of plea. Entering a plea of guilty or no contest results in a fine and a conviction on your driving record. A not-guilty plea results in a trial.