Vehicle Compliance Program

Vehicle Compliance Program


     The idea is to encourage compliance rather than to punish motorists. The Washington County Justice Court,  in partnership with your Sheriff's Office,  has a Vehicle Compliance Program that gives motorists a second chance to comply with the law. The program allows citations for defective vehicle equipment to be dismissed. There are a total of 18 equipment violations that are eligible for "fix it tickets" — the violations range from defective lights to driver's license updates. Presumptive fines can range from $115 to $265. The program applies to citations that direct people to appear in the Washington County Justice Court. 

    Here's how the program works. First, correct the problem listed on your traffic citation. Complete the Vehicle Compliance Form. Bring your vehicle to the Sheriff's Office East Precinct at 3700 SW Murray Boulevard in Beaverton on any Monday (except holidays) between 9:00 a.m. and noon for inspection. Take the completed form, your citation, and a $25 administrative processing fee to the Justice Court.

There — you just got your ticket "fixed." *



*Washington County Sheriff's Office Newsletter
(Vol_3 Issue_1-January, 2007)                             


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