Divorce Mediation and Conciliation Services

Custody and Parenting Time Mediation (Court Mandated)

  • Mediation is confidential.
  • Parties are required to attend at least one mediation session (up to two hours each).
  • Before parties can mediate, they must first attend one Mediation Orientation session (free).

        - Parties MUST REGISTER for Orientation ~ call (503) 846-3428
        - Orientation Instructions

        - Click link for fill-in forms: Mediation Paperwork (fill-in form) 
                                                Mediation Paperwork (fill-in form) (En español) 

        - Click link for print-out & fill-in: Mediation Paperwork (print-out) 
                                                       Mediation Paperwork (print-out) (En español)

  • Eligibility: Residents of Washington County with minor children, who currently have an open domestic relations case.
  • Cost: Up to two mediation sessions are free; $80 per session thereafter.
  • Please call for special considerations.

Voluntary Mediation

  • Mediation is confidential.
  • Parties who have jointly agreed to mediate may schedule an appointment.
  • Eligibility: Residents of Washington County (one or both parents) with minor children, who do NOT currently have an open domestic relations case.
  • Cost: The first mediation session is free for parties that have never mediated before through Conciliation Services; $80 per session thereafter (up to two hours each session).
  • If parties HAVE mediated before with Conciliation Services, there is an $80 fee for each mediation session.


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Email: Conciliation Services (Mediation Paperwork)
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