Harkins House



244 W. Main Street
Hillsboro, Oregon 97123
(503) 846-8766

LaRoy LaBonte, Manager  (503) 846-4703

MISSION:To promote growth in youth and their family.

The Washington County Juvenile Shelter (Harkins House) is a short term temporary residential shelter care and evaluation program. The program provides evaluation and individual care for delinquent youth pending alleged violations of the law who volunteer to participate in lieu of detention.

The program performs a comprehensive evaluation of each youth assessing the youth’s response to a well-defined set of rules and expectations, opportunities for positive recreational, artistic and cultural activities, school, and individual and family counseling. Both personal responsibility and maintaining respectful behavior are strongly emphasized.

The program has capacity for eighteen youth, both boys and girls between the ages of twelve and seventeen years old. Professional staff work 24/7 assisting in the daily care and supervision of each youth while documenting and reporting their observation and recommendations in a final report to the Juvenile Court.

The program partners with Hillsboro School District for the operation of an on-site year round public school. Family counseling services are provided to all youth and their family through Youth Contact.


3pm-7pm Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

4pm-7pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Restraint and Seclusion Quarterly Report