Laurie C. Rice Memorial Scholarship



The Laurie C. Rice Memorial Scholarship is available for any youth who has attended and successfully completed Harkins House or who has successfully graduated from the Keys to Success Program. Scholarships are available for college, vocational programs, sports, music programs, and for positive extracurricular activities.

Amounts of the scholarship are flexible and applicants may request a specific amount for attending a program, or make an open ended request. Applications must be received a minimum of one month prior to the program tuition due date to allow time for consideration. Applications are accepted year round.

The qualified applicant will have demonstrated success while at Harkins House or in the Keys to Success program as exhibited by a positive review at discharge, successful completion of the program, level attainment, and/or positive behaviors while in the program.

Applicants will be asked to sign a Release of Information form for Harkins House. The successful candidate will have no recent law violations.

Applications are available at Harkins House and at the Juvenile Department. Applicants are asked to provide two personal or professional references, with one of these being staff from Harkins House or the Keys to Success program. In addition to completing the application form, two short essay questions must be completed. Consideration may be made for applicants with writing difficulties.

Applicants are also required to include a copy of their application or acceptance letter to the program of their choice, and to provide contact information to the program. For more information contact Michael Buttice at (503) 846-8613.