Measure 11

What is Measure 11?

During the 2019 legislative session, the Oregon House and Senate passed Senate Bill 1008, which the Governor signed.  This bill removes juveniles who are charged with Measure 11 offenses from automatic prosecution as adults and from mandatory sentences.  Measure 11 was passed by voters in 1994. 


Ballot Measure 11, passed by Oregon voters in 1994, requires mandatory minimum sentences for specific serious crimes. It also required young people ages 15, 16, and 17 charged with Ballot Measure 11 offenses to be automatically prosecuted in adult court and, if convicted, sentenced in adult court.  The new bill has changed the procedures in these cases.  Youth will now start the court process in Juvenile Court, but the District Attorney may request that the case be waived to adult court.


This bill is not retroactive, which means it will not impact any youth previously sentenced.  It only applies to youth convicted after Jan. 1, 2020.