Emancipation Procedure

What are the steps for emancipation of juveniles?

  1. The youth must be at least 16 years old and their parents or guardians must reside in this county. 
  2. The youth must complete an application for emancipation that must be notarized and submit to the juvenile department.
  3. The youth must submit the filing fee to the court accounting department any time after 24 hours of filing the application, but prior to the preliminary court hearing.
  4. The clerk will set a date for a preliminary court hearing, usually within 10 days. A notice will be sent to the youth and parents.
  5. At the preliminary hearing, a Judge will explain emancipation, answer questions, and set a final hearing.
  6. At the final hearing, a Judge will expect the youth to provide a written budget, give testimony concerning the application, provide the parents an opportunity to testify, and make a final decision.
  7. If the Court grants the emancipation, a driver’s identification card must be received within 48 hours.