Juvenile Records


The clerk of Court keeps records of all proceedings in Juvenile Court. Inspection of those records is limited by law to certain parties. Records relating to the youth's history and prognosis are confidential unless released with the youth's or parent’s permission or allowed by the judge.

 Can I access a police report?

No. The Juvenile Department is not allowed to give out the police report under any circumstances. You may want to call the referring police agency for information regarding obtaining the report.

Is the military able to access my records?

The Juvenile Department releases information on juveniles in accord with Oregon law and if the required release has been signed.  The following may be released on juveniles supervised under a Formal Accountability Agreement or adjudicated delinquent (found guilty) by the Court:

  • Adjudications if not vacated
  • Dispositions such as Formal Accountability Agreement or probation
  • Dates of dispositions and dismissals
  • Conditional postponement

Information may not be released on youth referred to the Juvenile Department who have not entered a Formal Accountability Agreement or been adjudicated by the Court.