FAQ - Victim Services

Victims' Services

How can I find out about a case I am involved in?

Contact the Victim Services Program at (503) 846-3784. To assist the advocate in finding information about your case it is helpful to know the following: offender’s name; police agency and/or police report number; type of offense and the date it occurred. You will be given an update on your case (if it has arrived at the Juvenile Department) and hearing notification (if one has been scheduled). You may also request information about counseling or other victim support services. In most circumstances, you should be able to know the general plan for your case within two to four weeks after it is received by the Juvenile Department. The Juvenile Court process is not secret. It is open to the public, and the involvement and participation of victims is especially encouraged.

How can I request that my address not be given to the offender?

Victims' addresses and phone numbers are witheld from the youth offender automatically.

How do I get my property returned if it has been recovered by the police?

Recovered property may be needed as evidence if the case goes to trial. For this reason, the police will not ordinarily release your property back to you until the District Attorney's Office (Juvenile Division) advises them in writing that it is no longer needed. Sometimes it is possible to photograph urgently needed property and then release it before trial - contact the Deputy District Attorney assigned to the Juvenile Department at (503) 846-8861.

What if I am harassed by the juvenile offender while my case is pending?

Call the police and report the harassment. Then call the Juvenile Department and report it to the counselor handling your case or to Victim Services at (503) 846-3784.

What if the juvenile offender's attorney or investigator wants to talk to me?

The juvenile's legal representative is permitted to talk with you if you agree. You may refuse to speak to an attorney or private investigator for the alleged youth offender. If you decide that you would like to speak with the juvenile’s attorney or private investigator, you may request to have a Deputy District Attorney present.