Victim Services Process

What happens if you are a victim of an offense committed by a juvenile

If the police charge a juvenile with a criminal offense, they will send a report of their investigation to the Juvenile Department in Hillsboro. After screening, it will be assigned to a Juvenile Counselor who is responsible for meeting with the juvenile and family, reviewing the police report, victim's statement, and youth's prior record (if any), and determining a corrective course of action. If the offender is in detention, a brief custody hearing will most often take place at 1:00 PM the following business day.

Goals of the Department include providing protection to the community and rehabilitative services to offenders so there is a better chance they will stay out of trouble in the future. Young people are held accountable for their actions by paying restitution, doing community service, apologizing to their victims, participating in counseling, and/or spending time in detention jail, shelter homes, treatment programs, or the state youth correctional facility.