Custody Services/Detention

Contact: Milt Ewing, Manager  (503) 846-3579
24-hour Admissions: (503) 846-8805

Twenty-four hour staff are available for law enforcement, crisis intervention, information, and transportation to the Donald E. Long Detention Center located in Multnomah County. Admissions staff make critical decisions regarding custody of a youth and direct law enforcement and the public to appropriate resources.

For information on visiting a youth in detention please review the Detention Visiting Guidelines (Spanish version of Visiting Guidelines).

The purposes of detention are; safe, secure custody of juveniles awaiting a hearing, and sanctioning of probation violations in accord with Oregon law.

What criteria must be met to detain a juvenile?

1. A youth may be detained before adjudication, if one or more of the following conditions exist:

A. Fugitive - the youth is a fugitive from another jurisdiction, and/or an out of state runaway.   
B. Serious crimes - The youth is alleged to have committed a crime involving:
        1. Physical injury to another person
        2. Disorderly conduct in the first degree
        3. A felony   
C. Failure to appear - The youth previously failed to appear, despite proper summons, citation, or subpoena.  
D. Probation violation - The youth is on probation for a criminal offense and is alleged to have violated a condition of probation.  
E. Conditional release - The youth is on conditional release for a criminal offense and has violated a condition.  
F. Firearm/Destructive Device - The youth is alleged to be in possession of a fire arm (ORS 166.250). When probable cause exists that a youth was in possession of a firearm or destructive device (ORS 419c.100) while in or on a public building or court facility within the last 120 days, the youth must be detained for a hearing in front of the Court.  
G. Protection of the victim - The youth is required to be held in detention for the reasonable protection of the victim.


2. (a) No less restrictive means can reasonably ensure appearance,


    (b) Youth's behavior endangers self, others, or the community.

Detention of a person under age 12 requires prior review by the Court (ORS 419c.133).