Truancy Court

The Washington County Juvenile Department hosts Truancy Court in conjunction with Washington County School Districts. Truancy Court is the means used to assist youth and their families with truancy issues. Parent(s) and youth appear before the judge and are given 3 options:

  1. Comply with school standards/access resources
    * The Truancy Officer, parent(s), and child work out an agreement to 
       address truancy issues and return to the judge for acceptance.
    * The youth and parent(s) have 30 days to fulfill the contract prior to 
       appearing before the judge.
    * The Truancy Officer will advise the parent(s) and child of the need for 
       attendance at Court hearings.
  2. Plead guilty and pay a fine. Payments are to be made at the Courthouse
    in the Accounting Department.
    * Minimum fine and fees total $143.00 (subject to change; collection 
       fees not included)
    * Maximum fine and fees total $287.00 (subject to change; collection 
       fees not included
    * Payment must occur within 30 days (Payment plans available for a fee, 
       based on the fine amount). You will need to request a payment plan, 
       or the payment is due immediately.
  3. Request a trial
    * A hearing will be set the following month to present before the judge.

Juvenile Department staff are available to answer questions and provide resources. For rescheduling or specific information on your Truancy date and Truancy Court, contact the Truancy officer who cited you. The Judge will make a finding of Failure to Appear (FTA) and may assess a fine if you are not excused by the citing Truancy Officer.