Juvenile Courtroom Protocol

Courtroom Attire:

Witnesses and defendants appearing for Court must be dressed in neat, clean civilian clothing, unless otherwise ordered by the court. Shorts, tank tops, muscle shirts, miniskirts, and hats may not be worn.

Courtroom Etiquette:

  • Counselors are responsible for introducing cases before the Court. Proper names and titles should be used.
  • Counselors should introduce persons who wish to address the Court and advise the judge that the person wishes to speak.
  • All persons must rise from their seats when the judge enters and should remain standing until instructed otherwise.
  • Counselors should request permission to approach the bench before doing so. Parents, youth and others may not approach the bench.
  • Youth in custody may not have physical contact with others in the courtroom.
  • Conversation should be limited to essential exchanges while proceedings are in session.
  • Voices should be kept low during conversations outside of the courtroom.
  • Food, beverages and chewing gum are not permitted in the courtroom.
  • All cellular phones and electronic devices must be turned off before entering the courtroom.

The Court may address lapses in adherence to these standards.