Bike Safety

Oregon Bicyclist Manual
Bicycle safety is a crucial element to ensuring bicyclists and motorists successfully share the roadway system. You have the right to ride on Oregon’s roadway system but always keep in mind that bicycle safety is a "two-way street."

Oregon law (ORS 801.150) defines a bicycle as a vehicle designed to be operated on the ground on no more than three wheels (more than 14” in diameter) with a seat for the rider and must be propelled exclusively by human power. And just like vehicles, bicyclists must obey all traffic laws and traffic control devices.

The Oregon Bicyclist Manual encourages bicyclists to follow four basic principles to ensure your safety when traveling on our roads.

#1 – Maintain control of your bike – don’t ride under the influence
#2 – Ride on the right side of the road - with the flow of traffic
#3 – Be visible - ride alertly
#4 – Wear a helmet – protect yourself

Washington County has a diverse roadway system, ranging from large urban arterials with six-foot wide bike lanes to narrow, rural country roads that offer beautiful scenery. All of our roadways require bicycle riders as well as motorists to adapt to the roadway and traffic conditions to maximize safety. Consider your own level of skill and comfort under different roadway and traffic conditions when choosing where to ride.

With attention to safety, bicycling can be a convenient, healthy and environmentally friendly mode of travel that can add an element of fun to any trip!