Arterial Pedestrian Crossings Project (preliminary design only)

SArterial Pedestrian Crossing vicinity mapafely crossing busy and high speed roadways are often cited as a concern by people walking, biking or taking transit. Various corridors throughout the county could benefit from protected pedestrian crossing opportunities to improve livability, access to buses and schools and increase safety and mobility for the public. 

Four corridors - Walker Road, 170th Avenue, 185th Avenue and Baseline Road - were identified through the Aloha-Reedville Livable Community Plan and Transportation System Plan Update as having less-than-ideal crossing locations, treatments or spacing.  An initial screening analysis of 12 potential crossing locations was conducted on these four corridors:

  • Site #1: SW Walker Road at SW Ecole Avenue
  • Site #2: SW Walker Road at SW Wynnwood Avenue
  • Site #3: SW Walker Road at SW Westfield Avenue
  • Site #4: SW 170th Avenue at SW Vendla Park Lane
  • Site #5: SW 170th Avenue at SW Johnson Street
  • Site #6: SW 170th Avenue at SW Florence Street
  • Site #7: SW 185th Avenue at SW Jay Street
  • Site #8: SW 185th Avenue at SW Pheasant Lane
  • Site #9: SW 185th Avenue at SW Sandra Lane
  • Site #10: SW 185th Avenue at SW Cascade Drive
  • Site #11: SW 185th Avenue at SW Blanton Street (offset intersections)
  • Site #12: SW Baseline Road at SW 175th - MAX track crossing
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Public input on the 12 potential sites was collected during an August 2017 online open house. The Metro Regional Flexible Funds Grant provides funding for survey and preliminary design for only eight sites. Currently there is no funding for the construction of the crossing improvements; analyses and design work with this project will help secure additional of grant or other funding.

Survey data, preliminary engineering design details, information regarding site utilities and conflicts and cost estimate information will be developed for the eight final site candidates:

The above hyperlinks go to draft concept drawings for each location.  

Criteria for rejecting four sites:

  • Sites #1, #2 and #3 Walker Road. Walker Road is part of a pending MSTIP 3E road improvement project between Murray Boulevard and Highway 217. Its announcement as a pending road improvement project eclipsed the evaluation of the three Walker Road sites in the Arterial Pedestrian Crossings project. Pedestrian crossing improvements will be evaluated and incorporated with the larger project development.
  • Site #7: SW 185th Avenue at SW Jay Street Jay Street and Pheasant Lane (Site #8) are about 750 feet apart and have very similar layouts. Preliminary design work done at one site can be easily copied to the other. A Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District property near Pheasant Lane is due for path improvements, which makes the  Pheasant Lane site a more timely choice.

After preliminary designs are completed, related design information will be available for future larger road improvement projects when funding becomes available. Crossing site preliminary design information could be used in future road improvement projects as appropriate.



  • Online Open House to review the 12 screening locations and proposed concept: completed August 2017
  • Survey of eight selected crossing site locations: September 2017
  • Estimated completion date for preliminary design: November 2017


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