Commercial Buildings


811 full colorBelow is a collection commercial building permit applications, forms and checklists relating to projects for submittal to Washington County. These forms are available in PDF format for online completion and printing.

The building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and bank card authorization forms may be completed online and printed for submission.

Please email your application to and a Permit Technician will send you an link to pay the fees online once your permit has been set up. If you are submitting via fax please include a contact name and email on your application.

Permits that require plan review must be submitted in person to our office Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. We can not accept plans via email or fax.

NOTE: Submit completed Building Permit Applications with fire sprinkler, fire alarm, and retaining wall submittals.


Permit Applications and Forms

  1. Building Permit Application
  2. Electrical Permit Application
  3. Renewable Electrical Energy Permit Application  
  4. Mechanical Permit Application
  5. Plumbing Permit Application
  6. Equipment Installation Permit
  7. Grading Permit Application
  8. Revision Submittal Form
  9. For all other types of permits, use Building Permit Application
  10. Alternate Methods, Design and Materials of Construction Form
  11. Deferred Submittal Requirements and Agreement
  12. Deferred Submittal Form
  13. Special Inspection and Testing Agreement Form
  14. Fire Department Access Approval Form
  15. Fire Sprinkler Affidavit Form
  16. Electrical Plan Review Information Sheet


Guidelines & Checklists

  1. Code Summary Handout - New Construction and Tenant Improvement  PDF | MS Word
  2. Commercial Plans Initial Submittal Checklist
  3. Engineering Plan Review Guidelines
  4. Commercial Final Inspection Checklist
  5. Grading and Site Work Plan Submittal Checklists
  6. Grading Ordinance
  7. NFPA 13 Sprinkler System Checklist
  8. NFPA 13R Sprinkler System Checklist (for residential structures regulated by the
  9. NFPA 72 Fire Alarm Checklist
  10. Private Water & Hydrant Checklist
  11. Engineering Structural Design Criteria
  12. Kitchen Hood Suppression System
  13. Mechanical Unit Installation/Replacement Checklist
  14. Seismic Design Requirements for Mechanical and Electrical Components and Piping
    System Guidelines
  15. Commercial Plumbing Complex Structure Guideline
  16. Commercial Electrical Complex Structure Guideline
  17. Oregon Solar Installation Specialty Code Checklist
  18. Paint Booth Checklist
  19. Suspended Ceilings Seismic Design Guidelines
  20. Request for Information Procedure


Fees & Payments

  1. Trust Account Application
  2. Fee Schedule
  3. Refund Request



  1. Electrical Plan Review for Complex Structures
  2. Permit Jurisdictions