Grading & Engineering

Grading Permit Process

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Permit Initiation
  • Permit Application, Plans, Reports, Fees

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Package Review
  • Initial Information Review for Package Completeness

    • Notice given to applicant for incomplete submittal.

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Technical Review
  • First Building Engineers' Technical Completeness Review

    • Review letter itemizing additional information required and Conditions of Approval notice sent to permit applicant.

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Plan Response Review
  • Second Building Engineers' Review of Applicant Responses to Plan Review Comments

    • Partial information or incomplete responses will place project on hold.

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Permit Issuance
  • CES Permit or DEQ Permit

  • Current Planning Signoff

  • Facility Access Permit Signoff

    • LUT Engineering Signoff

  • Building Services Signoff

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Site Meetings and Inspections
  • Pre-construction Meeting

  • Two Intermediate Inspections (minimum)

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Project Completion and Permit Final
  • As-built Plans Submitted

  • Contractors' Completion Form Submitted

  • Civil Engineers' Completion Form Submitted

  • Geotech Engineers' Completion Form and Final Summary Report Submitted

  • Engineering Geologist Form Submitted (when applicable)

  • Final Inspection