Applications and Forms

Washington County applications and forms are available in pdf format for you to print out, fill in the information and either mail in, fax to us (503-846-3993), email to us at, or submit in person.  Please see the categories under Applications/Forms for the type of permit you would like to apply for.  The Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Grading and Manufactured Home Permit applications can now be filled out online and printed out to submit to us. 

If you choose to either email, mail in or fax the permit application to us, you may pay for the permit fees using a check, debit or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover) or you can set up a trust account with us. Please include a contact name, email, and phone number on your application and a permit technician will send you a link to pay your fees online once your permit is set up.  You can also fax the Bankcard Authorization form and the Trust Account Application that are found under the Payments & Fees area of our website to 503-846-3993.

Contractors applying for electrical, plumbing and mechanical only permits may purchase permits online through e-permits

Thank You.  If you have any further questions on this process, please call Building Services at 503-846-3470.