History of Washington County building codes

In 1959, Washington County began requiring building permits in unincorporated Washington County. Building permits were issued and inspected using a basic safety code developed by the County.

On Sept. 22, 1964, the County adopted a Home Rule Charter which included Ordinance #25 adopting the 1964 Uniform Building Code as the standard for the Washington County Code.

In 1973, Oregon introduced and passed legislation for a statewide building code program. Key concepts included statewide uniformity, adoption of model codes, state building code composed of specialty codes (such as structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, boiler, elevator, local enforcement, certification of building inspectors and officials by July 1, 1977) and a training program financed by a 1% surcharge on all building permits.

Since then, Oregon adopted specialty codes to enhance the safety regulations in all areas.

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