Building Safety Month 2014

Building Safety Month 2014 PosterWashington County Department of Land Use & Transportation - Building Services celebrated National Building Safety Month in May 2014 with a Board of Commissioners' proclamation at its April 15, 2014 meeting. 

The month-long public awareness campaign included a variety of activities and materials to highlight the weekly themes, along with partner agencies, such as the county's Emergency Management Cooperative, Environmental Health, and Solid Waste & Recycling programs, as well as Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue.


Proclamation / Promotion

2014 Building Safety Month Media Release

2014 Building Safety Month Proclamation from the Washington County Board of


2014 Building Safety: Maximizing Resilience, Minimizing Risks

Week 1: Fire Safety & Awareness

Do you have a working fire detector in your home? How about a fire escape plan for your household? Make  it a priority to swing by the Building Safety Month table in the PSB this week to pick up information about Keeping Fire in its Place and ThinkPermit! Weekly theme bookmarks will be available throughout the month to encourage residents to tackle small, home safety projects that will keep your loved ones safe. Collect all 4!

Week 1 Bookmark

Week 2: Disaster Safety & Mitigation

Are you ready for an emergency or natural disaster? A little preparation will go a long way to ease your mind. Stop by the Building Safety Month table in the PSB lobby this week to pick up emergency preparedness resources and checklists for your home and your family.

Preparedness Resources:

Red Cross –Disaster Safety Library –All hazards checklists
Red Cross –Safe and Well Reporting, Shelters, Disaster Recovery Guides
Take 5 to Survive
Public Alerts

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Week 3: Backyard & Pool Safety

Summer is just around the corner! Keep your outdoor living areas and backyard safe from potential dangers. This week find resources about pool and deck safety, grilling safety and summertime hazard prevention tips to keep your outdoor time safe. Looking to build or remodel? ThinkPermit! Check with the Building Department to see if a permit is required for your project. Protect your home. Protect your family. 

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Week 4: Energy & Green Building
Building green means living better, smarter and healthier. Just by choosing energy-efficient building materials and supplies, homeowners can make positive changes to both inside and outside environments, creating homes that are better for you and our world.

Building green does not necessarily mean starting from scratch or spending more money. There are many ways to improve the green factor in existing homes by using longer-lasting and sustainable materials. Learn more this week by stopping by the lobby to pick up some helpful resources to build green and conserve energy and resources. 

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Community Events

Washington County Building Services staff participated in the 2014 Public Works Weekend at the Beaverton Farmers' Market on Saturday, May 17 to answer questions about building codes and permits.