How can I find out more detailed information about an upcoming project in my neighborhood?

A. Capital Project Management holds public meetings to inform residents about upcoming projects in their neighborhoods. All residents effected by the project, will be invited. These meetings are usually an informal affair where you can ask questions one-on-one with a staff person, review maps, and talk to right of way personnel.

When will construction start?

A. Once the construction contract is awarded, Capital Project Management will send letters to all residents within the project limits notifying them that they have 30 days to remove any personal belongings from the County's right-of-way. The project will begin soon after the 30 days has elapsed.

How early in the morning and late at night can road construction occur?

A. Our specifications state "No construction shall be performed within 300 meters (984 feet) of an occupied dwelling unit on Sundays, legal holidays, and between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. on other days, without approval of the Engineer." There are also other requirements for specific activities such as pile driving and rock crushing operations.

Who do I call if my windshield is chipped by a rock while following a construction truck?

A. Contact our Capital Project Management office (503) 846-7800. It's helpful if you can tell us where and when the incident took place and the name of the company or business listed on the construction truck (if known).

Construction Plans

How do I get a set of plans for upcoming construction projects?

A. Once a project is advertised for bid, plans can be found on the state's Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN) or you can call Capital Projects at (503) 846-7800. You may also come to our office at 1400 Walnut Street in Hillsboro, Oregon (check in with the second floor receptionist) and review them here, or purchase your own set for a nominal fee.
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How do I obtain a plan holders list for a project that is out for bid?

A. A plan holders list can be obtained by logging on to ORPIN @ Http://orpin.oregon.gov. Go to the project page that is out for bid and look in the "attachements" folder. The plan holders list is updated twice a day. If you need more information about loging on to ORPIN call (503)846-7800.


What do I do about excessive dust and noise created by the construction in my neighborhood?

A. Call Capital Project Management (503)846-7800 and register your complaint. Our field inspectors will be notified and will take action to resolve the problem.