Public Involvement

Public-around-mapsWashington County has been a leader in the delivery of innovative and proactive transportation projects for a number of years. This is due in part to its long-standing commitment to involving the public in the overall process.

An effective public involvement process for a transportation project includes certain critical components or objectives. Based on accepted industry standards, and past experience administering large and small transportation projects, Washington County has established the following public involvement objectives:

  • Provide general information about the county and its transportation program.
  • Provide specific project information, which may include 1) Project needs, goals, and constraints; 2) Scope of work; 3) Schedule; and 4) Construction impacts.
  • Ensure residents understand the public involvement process, and how they can become involved and participate.
  • Provide the public the opportunity to make recommendations concerning design features of the project, community impacts, and mitigation measures.

To achieve these objectives, the County will utilize several available resources:

  • County website
  • Press releases
  • Citizen participation organizations
  • Informational mailings
  • Neighborhood meetings and open houses
  • Project focus groups
  • Formal public meetings

The public involvement plan is tailored for each particular project to ensure it meets the needs of all parties.

Washington County encourages residents to become involved to the extent they desire. If you have questions about a project or how to get involved, contact Capital Project Management at 503-846-7800 or email.