Is It A Code Violation?

The Department of Land Use & Transportation's Current Planning section Code Compliance team relies heavily on the public to observe, recognize and report to the proper authority any Code Violations occurring in their neighborhood. There are three Code Compliance teams within Washington County; Land Use & Transportation, Planning and Development Services, Washington County Sheriff's Office, and the Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling Program.

The primary goal of the Department of Land Use & Transportation's Code Compliance is to protect the health, safety and well being of all property owners by ensuring that all development in unincorporated areas of Washington County occur within the limits set in the Community Development Code and Building Code.

Code Compliance staff responds to complaints filed by the public. To aid with the identification of code violations, a sample of commonly reported activities are posted on the Code Compliance webpage. These examples are grouped within categories, include information about whether the activity is a code violation and how to submit a complaint report.


Violations Handled by Current Planning

The Department of Land Use & Transportation's Current Planning Code Compliance team addresses complaints for the following violations. Examples of the type of violations that would fall into each category are listed below.

Commercial/Business Violations 

Non-permitted home businesses

Building Placement Violations

  • Setback violations, non-permitted structures
  • Construction within a Flood Plain

Vehicle Violations

  • Greater than four (4) vehicles located on private property
  • Inoperable vehicles (junk cars) located on private property

Land Use Violations

  • Non-permitted kennels
  • Storage of commercial vehicles on residential properties
  • Agricultural buildings (storage of livestock) in the urban area
  • Illegal or non-permitted signs

Government Violations 

  • Development application's Conditions of Approval

Code Violations NOT Handled by Current Planning

To find out more about who handles these violations please visit the Washington County Sheriff's Office Code Compliance webpage.

Natural/Nature Violations

Road Violations

Right-of-Way Violations 

Noise Violations

  • Construction noise, noise generated by business activities, late hour noise complaints
  • Noise violations generated by businesses are handled by the Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling Program in the Department of Health & Human Services, all others are handled by the Sheriff's Department

How to Submit a Complaint

Code Compliance in Washington County is a complaint-driven program. Code Compliance staff rely on the public to notify Land Use & Transportation if they believe a Code violation (land use or building) exists. 

Prior to filing a complaint, review the Code Compliance Process flowchart. This document outlines the steps to compile the complaint, gather evidence and submit the completed complaint form, along with any supporting materials, such as images or photos of the alleged violation. Washington County Code Compliance will take action to address the violation.

Complete the Form

Open the Code Violation fillable complaint form, complete your report and save the file to your computer. You can then print the complaint form and submit it via fax, mail it or drop-if off at the address noted below. Another option includes submitting the completed report as an attachment to be sent

A complaint form can be submitted anonymously if there is a fear of retaliation from the violator. To do so, type 'anonymous' within the area where your name is requested.

Submit Your Complaint

  • Fax: Send completed form to 503-846-2908
  • Email:
  • Mail or Submit in Person:
    • Washington County Land Use & Transportation
    • Planning and Development Services - Code Compliance
    • 155 N. First Ave., Suite 350, MS13, Hillsboro, OR  97124

      (NOTE: Code Compliance and other Land Use & Transportation offices located at the Public Services Building will be CLOSED JULY 27 and 30, 2018 for moving. Visit the "LUT locations during seismic retrofit" webpage for details about where LUT services will be located after July 30.)

  • Call: You can also call our office for instructions about how to complete your report at 503-846-4875