Fee and Payment Information

While most divisions within the County receive money from the County's general fund, the Current Planning Services section is almost entirely funded through fees collected during the processing of of land use permit applications. Those fees are collected in order to cover the costs incurred by Current Planning when processing an application.  

Fees for Development Reviews are based on the valuation of the structure which is being proposed. Below is a link to a form which will aid in determining what the value of a proposed structure is. Once the valuation has been determined, the application fee can be found in either the Urban Development or Rural Development Application Fee Schedules.

Development Review Valuation Form


Below are Urban Development and Rural Development Application Fee Schedules.

2018-2019 Current Planning Fee Schedule

2019-2020 Current Planning Services Fee Schedule (effective July1, 2019)


For information on the types of Payments Washington County Current Planning Division accepts please visit the Payment Options page.


If you are interested in requesting a refund, please fill out and submit the refund request form.

Refund Request Form