Facility Permits/Assurances/Public Improvements

Thank you for visiting the Facility Permits page. There are several contributors with key roles in providing Facility Permits.

The developer is the responsible party to ensure the public improvements are constructed as described per the Notice of Decision, the Public Improvement Contract, and the Approved Plans. The developer is also responsible for the Administrative Deposit.

The private engineer (with stamp on the Inspection Option Form) is the Engineer of Record for the project. The private engineer ensures the project is constructed to County Road Standards via the approved plans and follows the Notice of Decision and the Public Improvement Contract.

Our Current Planning staff issues the requirements for the public improvements in the Notice of Decision. The Notice of Decision is the guiding document. Planning staff are involved in decisions related to permit, requirements, and occupancy throughout the development process. (In cities, the County's Liaison coordinates County Improvements in the Notice of Decision with Cities when there are Public improvements installed within Washington County ROW).

Our County engineering staff reviews the private engineer's design (and any subsequent design modifications) to ensure it meets County Road Standards and the Notice of Decision. County Inspection staff verifies that project construction follows the Notice of Decision, County Road Standards, approved plans, and the Public Improvement Contract.

Our Assurances staff oversees the County's contracting and bonding process, financial accounting, and permitting with developer to ensure the public improvements follow the Notice of Decision and the Approved Plans. Assurances staff is the central contact for project questions and concerns related the Facility Permit.



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