Why get a permit

Permits help prevent mistakes and protect families, homes and investments. Certified inspectors ensure work is performed safely and to code. Permits create permanent records of work and inspections. 

Facility permits 

Facility permits are needed when subdivisions, partitions and other development projects are conditioned to build public improvements on County roads. Improvements include sidewalks, curbs, gutters, streetlights, paving, traffic signals and more.

The permits are not issued until plans are approved by our Engineering Plan Review team. The process includes:

  • A Public Improvement Contract and final construction inspections to assure improvements are built to County standards
  • A one-year (minimum) maintenance period 
  • Final maintenance inspections
  • Release of contract and closure of permit

Apply for a facility permit

  1. Submit a completed Design Option Form
  2. Pay the administrative deposit (credit card (by phone or in person, or check (by mail or in-person). The amount is listed in the County Land Use Notice of Decision or the City Comment Letter (projects within a city.) 

Public Permitting and Services PortalThe facility permit record will then be available in the Public Permitting and Services Portal, and our Electronic Plan Review/ProjectDox system will notify the engineer to upload plans.


Contact Assurances

Phone: 503-846-3843 | 

Temporary use permits are required for temporary uses that must be removed when the permit expires. 

Type I temporary uses
Seasonal businesses (Christmas tree lots, fireworks stands, etc.) are valid for 90 days
Some temporary uses are permitted for one year:

  • Storage of construction equipment
  • Real estate offices within future/current developments
  • Temporary storage of structures or equipment, including boats and recreational vehicles
  • Use of an existing dwelling or mobile home during the construction of a new home on the same lot

Type II Temporary Use Permits

 Other uses may require a temporary use permit. Please contact us with questions.


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