Procedure Types

The Development Review program is composed of two review sections:

  • Urban: The Urban Development Review program is responsible for processing and reviewing development requests inside the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB);
  • Rural: The Rural Development Review program is responsible for processing and reviewing development requests outside the UGB

The UGB separates urban land from rural land. State law requires that a 20-year supply of urbanizable land be included inside its borders at all times. Urban growth boundaries were created as part of the statewide land-use planning program in Oregon in the early 1970s. They are intended to encompass an adequate supply of buildable land that can be efficiently provided with urban services (such as roads, sewers, water lines and street lights) to accommodate the expected growth during a 20-year period. By providing land for urban uses within the boundary, rural lands can be protected from urban sprawl. Metro manages the regional urban growth boundary for the Portland Metropolitan Area.

Development Review Procedure Types

map notesThere are four types of Development Review Processes. The types are classified as Type I, Type II, Type III, Type IV. Appropriate review processes for proposed land use actions are determined by the amount of discretion staff needs in order to make a determination. 

For example, a request to build a house in a residential area does not require discretion. On the other hand, a request to place a night club in a neighborhood would require discretion as its presence may have a negative impact on surrounding properties. A request, such as proposing to construct a night club in a neighborhood could require a Type II or Type III decision, where as a home proposed in a neighborhood normally would only require a Type I.

Type IV land use requests require decisions by either the County Commissioners or their appointees within the Planning Commission. Requests that require Type IV decisions include any request to change the Community Development Code, Community Plans, Comprehensive Plan, or plans which illustrate land use districts. All Type IV land use requests are processed through the Long Range Planning section.