Type II - Administrative With Notice

Type II land use actions are presumed to be appropriate in the District.  They generally involve uses or development for which review criteria are reasonably objective, requiring only limited discretion. Impacts on nearby properties may be associated with these uses which may necessitate imposition of specific conditions of approval to minimize those impacts or ensure compliance with the Code.

Generalized summary of steps: 

  • Pre-application conference with staff (unless waived by the applicant)
  • Neighborhood Meeting (if applicable)
  • Application submitted
  • Staff reviews application for acceptance
  • Notice to applicant of acceptance of application
  • Applicant posts property (Rural applicants only)
  • Staff mails Public Notice to surrounding property owners (500 ft. urban, 1000 ft. rural) and Citizen Participation Organization 14 day comment period
  • Staff review comments and prepares report
  • Decision by Director
  • Staff mails Notice of Decision to applicant, persons within the notification area, the CPO, and those persons who submit comments 12 day appeal period

Once accepted for review a decision can be made within:

  • 120 days for applications within the Urban Area
  • 150 days for applications within the Rural Area

Typical Types of Applications (The allowed Type II uses may be different in each land use district.):

  • Attached dwelling units,
  • Flag Lots,
  • Land Divisions (Partitions and Subdivisions),
  • Planned Developments,
  • Parks,
  • Commercial and Industrial development in Commercial and Industrial districts,
  • Farm and Forest Dwellings,
  • Non-conforming Uses
  • Schools (in the rural area).

A complete list of all forms are available in the Application Section of this website.