Type III - Quasi-Judicial

Type III actions involve development or uses which may have significant impacts to surrounding property, or the associated development issues might be particularly complex.  Type III actions require the exercise of discretion and judgment when applying the development criteria contained in this Code or the applicable Community Plan. As a result decisions for Type III applications are made by an impartial third party, or a Hearings Officer.   Extensive conditions of approval may be imposed to mitigate impacts or ensure compliance with this Code and the Comprehensive Plan.

Generalized summary of steps:  

  • Pre-application conference with staff (unless waived by the applicant)
  • Neighborhood Meeting (if applicable)
  • Application submitted
  • Staff reviews application for acceptance
  • Application acceptance notice mailed to applicant
  • Staff schedules public hearing before the Hearings Officer
  • Applicant posts public notice sign on property (Rural applicants only)
  • Staff mails Public Notice to surrounding property owners (500 ft. urban, 1000 ft. rural) and Citizen Participation Organizations at least 20 days prior to the hearing
  • Staff report prepared (available 7 days before hearing)
  • Public hearing before the Hearings Officer or the Planning Commission (for plan amendments)
  • Decision by Hearings Officer
  • Staff mails Notice of Decision to applicant, CPO, and those who testified
  • 21 day appeal period (to Land Use Board of Appeals), or
  • 14 day appeal period for plan amendment (appeals to the Board of County Commissioners)

 Once accepted for review County staff must provide a decision within:

  • 120 days for applications within the Urban Area
  • 150 days for applications within the Rural Area

Typical Types of Applications (The allowed Type III uses are dependent on the Land Use District):

  • Campgrounds
  • Churches
  • Colleges
  • Golf Courses
  • Group Care Facilities
  • Schools
  • Variances

A complete list of all forms are available in the Application Section of this website.