Type IV

Type IV actions are legislative. They involve the creation, broad scale implementation or revision of public policy.  These include amendments to the text of the Comprehensive Plan, Community Plans or the Community Development Code. Large scale changes in planning and development maps also may be characterized as legislative where a larger number of property owners are directly affected. Type IV actions are made through adoption of County Ordinances.

Generalized summary of steps:
  • Initiation of action by:
    • Board of County Commissioners;
    • Planning Commission; or
    • Director of Land Use and Transportation
  • Notice as required by County Charter and State law
  • Planning Commission holds public hearing(s)
  • Planning Commission makes recommendation to Board of County Commissioners
  • Board of County Commissioners holds public hearing(s)
  • Decision by Board of County Commissioners
  • Notice of decision mailed to parties of record
  • 21 day appeal period (to Land Use Board of Appeals)

All Type IV applications are processed through the Washington County Long Range Planning Division.