Development Review Public Notices Open for Comment

Type II and Type III development applications require notification of adjacent property owners and to provide an opportunity for public comments prior to a final notice of decision being issued on the application.  

Land use case files open for comment are listed in the following table.  Information in the table can be sorted by column,  including casefile number and type, applicant name, urban or rural, CPO, parcel or decision date. Click on the casefile number in the left column for more information, including the mailed public notices, parcel map location, the notice of decision, etc.

Please note that official communication on case files and ordinances must be received in writing or though oral testimony at hearings, if applicable. Electronic comment submissions are accepted only if sender is adequately identified [full name, mailing address, company/organization (if applicable), and additional contact information]. Please indicate the specific application to associate your comments.

NOTE: These files are posted for 14 days. The public comment period for Type II actions is 14 days from the date the public notice is mailed. Type III public comment period begins from the date of mailing until the date of public hearing before a hearings officer.

Public Notices for Land Use Actions Open for Comment

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Please submit your comments below.  Public comments will only be accepted for those casefiles that are open for public comment.  If you have additional information or items that you'd like to be considered, they may be submitted in person or via U.S. Mail at the address below. 
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