Transportation and Assurances

The Current Planning Transportation Section is tasked with:

  • Preparing a Traffic Impact Statement (TIS)  for every proposed land use application within unincorporated Washington County that will generate 40 or more Average Daily Vehicle Trips (ADT).
  • Reviewing all land use applications that impact County or public roads in unincorporated Washington County for compliance with the Community Development Code and other applicable County standards; 
  • Reviewing all land use applications within cities that impact County roads for compliance with applicable County standards;
  • Evaluating the transportation system impacts of each land use application and determining requirements for transportation system improvements during the land use review process;
  • Reviewing Right-of-Way Permit applications for access to County or public roads within unincorporated Washington County, or for access to County roads within cities, to insure compliance with County access-spacing and sight-distance standards;
  • Reviewing land use applications for public transportation projects that are subject to the Public Transportation Facilities standards (Article VII) of the Community Development Code.

The Assurances Section in Current Planning is tasked with administering Facility Permits , Public Improvement Contracts, and Maintenance Agreements for the construction of public transportation improvements within current or proposed public rights-of-way throughout the County, usually in conjunction with approved development projects.  Assurances also reviews plats prior to recordation to insure compliance with applicable Conditions of Approval.

Assurances coordinates with developers, consultants, contractors, financial assurance providers, other government agencies, the general public, and staff in various County departments and divisions to assure that public improvements are designed, constructed, inspected, and certified in compliance with applicable County requirements, policies, and procedures.