Current Planning Staff Contact Information

Phone number   503-846-8761
FAX number   503-846-2908
Staff Member Position Phone Number
Harry, Tom Principal Planner 503-846-3841
Beechwood, Elizabeth Administrative Specialist II 503-846-3629
Bond, Genny Senior Planner (Rural) 503-846-3846
Brown, Emily          Planning Assistant (Code Compliance) 503-846-3840
Bruce, Louisa Administrative Specialist II 503-846-3849
Clayton, Dylan Associate Planner 503-846-8196
Couppee, Jacob Assistant Planner 503-846-8193
Crowdis, Kellie Planning Assistant 503-846-6167
Cunningham, Eileen Associate Planner  503-846-3828
Elvers, Anne Senior Planner 503-846-3833
Gamble, Virginia Planning Assistant 503-846-8134
Harrasser, Sean Associate Planner 503-846-8131
Heino, Teri Assistant Planner 503-846-3834
Marquardt, Ryan Transportation Planner 503-846-3872
Mateja, Doria Senior Cartographer/GIS Tech III 503-846-3964
Pitney, Monica Administrative Specialist II 503-846-3697
Schaefer, Paul Senior Planner 503-846-3832
Shane, Stephen Senior Planner (Code Compliance) 503-846-8127
Sinha, Maitreyee Assistant Planner 503-846-3835
Assurances 503-846-3843
Code Compliance 503-846-4875


Physical Address
161 NW Adams Avenue
Hillsboro, OR 97123

NOTE: Current Planning and other Land Use & Transportation offices have relocated during the seismic retrofit of the Public Services Building. Visit the "LUT locations during seismic retrofit" webpage for details about where LUT services are located.

Walk-in Customer Lobby Hours:
Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Customer Assistance by Phone:
Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Mailing Address:
Washington County, Department of Land Use & Transportation
Planning and Development Services - Current Planning Section
155 N. First Ave., MS13
Hillsboro, OR 97124