Development Application Forms & Resources

2019-2020 Current Planning Services Fee Schedule

Development Application Forms

General Information

  1. Pre-Application Conference Request
  2. Pre-Application Waiver
  3. Development Permit Transfer
  4. Development Review Valuation Sheet
  5. Drainage Hazard Area Procedure
  6. Flood Plain and Drainage Hazard Area Submittal Requirements
  7. Hearings Officer Rules of Procedure
  8. Land Use District Summary
  9. Neighborhood Meeting Packet and Guidelines
  10. Preliminary Grading Review
  11. Procedure Types
  12. Street Trees
  13. Submittal Checklist
  14. Urban Site Plan Guidelines
  15. Rural Site Plan Guidelines
  16. Impact Analysis
  17. Farm Stands
  18. OLCC Marijuana Land Use Compatibility Statement Checklist (LUCS)
  19. Letter of Authorization
  20. Review of Conditions
  21. Urban Streetscape Design Toolkit
  22. Public Records Request Form
  23. Summary of CDC Amendments pursuant to R&O 18-99 (mandatory code amendments for flood plain and drainage hazard areas effective Oct. 19)
  24. How the County Regulates Fill Placement in the Rural Area - Brochure
  25. Flood plain Information Request/DHA
  26. FEMA Elevation Certificate and Instructions
  27. Tiny Home FAQ
  28. City Coordination Area Map

Service Provider Letters

  1. List of Service Providers
  2. General Service Provider Letter
  3. Clean Water Services Service Provider Letter
  4. Health and Human Services: Washington County
  5. Schools Service Provider Letter
  6. Sheriff Service Provider Letter
  7. Tri-Met Service Provider Letter
  8. THPRD Service Provider Letter
  9. City Development Coordination Letter