Greening the Code




The final version of the Greening the Code report is now available.  LUT's Planning and Development Services, Current Planning Section would like to thank all those that participated with this project. 





In summer 2009 Washington County Department of Land Use & Transportation (LUT) received a U.S. Department of Energy Efficiency Community Block Grant as part of the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) stimulus bill.  LUT's Planning and Development Services, Current Planning Section led the "code greening" effort to identify opportunities to update our code to reflect the principles of sustainability.  These opportunities included identifying both land use and building code barriers to energy efficient and sustainable development in the County, for both residential and non-residential uses in urban and rural settings.  These final recommendations resulted in the report, 'Greening the Code'. 

The Greening the Code report identifies both primary and secondary areas that Washington County can focus its efforts on to promote energy efficiency and sustainable development:

Primary Focus

  •   Energy production and conservation
  •   Stormwater, water quality and water conservation
  •   Green buildings and construction practices

Secondary focus

  •   Mobility/transportation
      Emphasize infrastructure for electric cars
  •   Food production
      Examine gardens as accessory uses, setback limitations, etc.
  •   Recycling/waste reduction
      Consider building codes related to enclosures, alley dimensions, etc.
  •   Urban/rural forestry
      Review, evaluate tree retention, street trees, and solar-access policies