Marijuana Land Use Regulations

Marijuana graphicStep one: Land Use Application

A land use application is required for new marijuana production (grow), processing, testing or retail business facilities. Land use reviews may also be required for some wholesale marijuana businesses.

Changes in business operations may require a new land use application. Please contact Current Planning for more information.

Step two: Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS)

Once a land use application is approved, a Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS) must  be submitted for planning review and approval.  (See LUCS checklist)  The LUCS outlines materials needed to show compliance with County land use and building codes. The LUCS will be processed by County staff within 21 days of submittal. 

Once approved, the form must be submitted to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC), as required by state law, for approval. 

Marijuana map 2
Interactive Map showing restricted areas and allowable Land Use Districts for Retail Marijuana Facilities. Click to enlarge

Retail marijuana facilities 

The County’s Community Development Code (CDC) Section 430-80 regulates retail/commercial marijuana facilities. The code includes specific requirements for commercial marijuana activity, including land use districts where they may be located:

For information on personal use, visit Oregon OLCC.