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People who own propery near bridges along Cedar Mill and North Johnson creeks may receive letters notifying them that Washington County is preparing a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) documentation to submit to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The County is requred to submit a CLOMR because the proposed Walker Road/Murray Boulevard project will include realigning a portion of North Johnson Creek where it meets Cedar Mill Creek, south of the intersection.  

Both Walker Road and Murray Boulevard will be widened to include two left-turn lanes, two through-travel lanes and a right-turn lane on all approaches. An additional southbound though lane will be added on Murray Boulevard, north of Walker Road, that will become a right-turn lane at Bowerman Drive. To accomodate these improvements, new bridges and culverts will be installed at the following locations:

  • Murray Boulevard, south of Walker Road (Cedar Mill Creek)
  • Walker Road, east of Murray Boulevard (Cedar Mill Creek)
  • Walker Road, west of Park Way (North Johnson Creek)
  • Far Vista Drive, south of Walker Road (North Johnson Creek)

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Flood FAQsWhat does this mean for my particular property?

    In most cases, it means that your property should see a reduction in the frequency and magnitude of flooding associated with these creeks during larger storm events.
  2. Does this mean I will no longer need to pay for flood insurance?

    In most cases, yes. But that change will not be effective until after bridges/culverts are complete (expected by the end of 2023.) Washington County will then need to submit a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) to FEMA to update the current Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS).

    In come cases, property owners may still need to carry flood insurance if improvements do not relieve all the flooding impacts to nearby properties.
  3. How long until the LOMR is submitted and the new FIRMs issued and become effective?

    It could take FEMA several years to review the improvements, perform analysis, and prepare new FIRMs.
  4. My property was not in a flood zone before, but now it appears it is. Why, and what does this mean for my property?

    In some circumstances, properties not previously in a flood zone are now in a flood zone. This is due to more accurate topographical survey data incorporated into the hydraulic model and is not related to the recent or upcoming improvements.
  5. Who can I contact with questions about the flood maps?

    Please email or call 503-846-8761.

  6. Who can I contact with questions about previous and/or upcoming projects? 

    Please email your questions to staff.