Engineering and Construction Services

Joe Younkins, Interim County Engineer/Division Manager

Welcome to Engineering and Construction Services, a division within Washington County’s Department of Land Use & Transportation (LUT). Our division is committed to designing and constructing a safe and efficient multi-modal transportation system in the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner possible. Each of the four sections within our division plays a key role in making this happen.  

The Engineering and Construction Services sections are:

Capital Project Management

  • Administers the planning, design and construction of major transportation improvement projects;
  • Provides utility coordination services to identify and resolve conflicts with proposed project design;
  • Provides right-of-way services for capital improvement projects, such as easement and land acquisitions;
  • Performs daily field inspection for all capital improvement projects.

County Surveyor’s Office

  • Recovers, reestablishes and maintains public land corners;
  • Reviews partition, subdivision and condominium plats;
  • Reviews and files records of survey;
  • Provides addresses within Washington County's addressing jurisdiction;
  • Approves street names within Washington County's jurisdiction;
  • Provides surveying services to other divisions and departments within the county.

Road and Bridge Engineering Services

  • Maintains the county’s Road Design and Construction Standards;
  • Provides design and review services for capital projects throughout the county;
  • Reviews all road improvement construction plans for development activities in the County right of way.

Traffic Engineering

  • Maintains the county’s network of traffic signals, signs and pavement markings;
  • Monitors traffic volumes and accidents in order to improve safety and efficiency;
  • Investigates complaints regarding traffic problems;
  • Researches and implements the Intelligent Transportation System (advanced traffic signal systems).

Engineering and Construction Services Contact Information:

Capital Project Management Page
Phone: 503-846-7800
Fax: 503-846-7810
Road and Bridge Engineering Services Page
Phone: 503-846-7900
Fax: 503-846-7910
County Surveyor’s Office Page
Phone: 503-846-8723
Fax: 503-846-7940
Traffic Engineering Page
Phone: 503-846-7950
Fax: 503-846-7940