2017 Omnibus - Minor CDC Amendments

Contact: Michelle Miller, senior planner |503-846-8101


The Omnibus ordinance is used to address several minor, but important, Comprehensive Plan or Community Development Code (CDC) amendments in one ordinance. Each year, the County receives input from citizen advisory committees, current planning staff and the general community requesting minor changes to improve and comply with changes to state and regional land use law and policy. This year, the following minor changes are proposed under the Omnibus Ordinance:


  1. Amend the CDC to allow air conditioning units in the required residential side yard.

  2. Change the CDC so that Type III Transit Orientated Development appeals do not go to the Board of Commissioners, but directly to the Land Use Board of Appeals, similar to other Type III applications.

  3. Amend the Comprehensive Framework Plan for the Urban Area (CFP) Policy 41, Urban Growth Boundary Expansion, to allow large industrial parcels with a FD-20 land use designation to be partitioned under certain circumstances, including use for public facilities and services.

  4. Amend the CDC to reduce the front-yard setback to 5 feet in mobile home parks developed before 1983.

  5. Amend Rural/Natural Resource Plan Policy 1, The Planning Process, to add restrictions on plan amendments or land use changes within properties designated as Rural Reserves, in order to follow state law.

  6. Amend the CDC to require a neighborhood meeting when a Type II or III Commercial, Institutional or Industrial use is proposed within a certain distance of a residential area.

  7. Amend provisions of CDC related to school district notice requirements and the removal of inaccurate references.



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Adopted Ordinance

  • Ordinance No. 822, updating the Rural/Natural Resource Plan, The Comprehensive Framework Plan and Community Development Code was adopted 10/17/17 - effective 10/26/17.


Additional Resources

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