2018 Omnibus - Minor CDC Amendments

Contact: Michelle Miller, Senior Planner |503-846-8101


2018 Omnibus Ordinance iconThe Omnibus ordinance is used to address several minor, but important, Comprehensive Plan or Community Development Code (CDC) amendments in one ordinance. Each year, the County receives input from citizen advisory committees, current planning staff and the general community requesting minor changes to improve and comply with changes to state and regional land use law and policy. This year, the following minor changes are proposed under the Omnibus Ordinance:

  • Adds figures and clarifies residential yard definitions.
  • Removes internal setback requirements for multiple buildings on a development site.
  • Adds mixed-use and parking related definitions.
  • Clarifies that bicycle parking spaces must be "secured, long-term" when used to reduce minimum parking requirements.
  • Clarifies setbacks for open balconies and accessory structures in required yards.
  • Allows Type I process for maintenance of sanitary sewer facilities in the floodplain.
  • Provides alternative submittal and follow-up requirements for Clean Water Services enhancement projects in degraded riparian corridors, water areas and wetlands.
  • Adds definition of alternating proprietor and allows marijuana processors to share facilities in limited circumstances as regulated by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.
  • Clarifies that Section 440-10, (Alteration or Expansion of Uses Not Conforming to the Access Requirements) applies to nonconforming access, not the use.
  • Updates survey and monumentation requirements.



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Adopted Ordinance

  • Ordinance No. 833, proposing to amend the Community Development Code to address recent revisions to state law, clarify existing language and make minor cleanup changes to specific sections was adopted 8/7/18 - effective 9/6/18.


Additional Resources

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