Planning Commission

The Washington County Planning Commission advises the Board of Commissioners on land use matters including the adoption, revision or repeal of portions of the Washington County Comprehensive Plan. 

For some plan amendments, the Planning Commission makes the final land use decisions for the County. Planning Commission decisions may be appealed to the Board.

Planning Commissioners

The Planning Commission consists of nine community volunteers appointed by the Board to serve four-year terms.

Ian Beatty, District 1, Term Expires 1/31/21
Ian Beaty
District 1
Term ends 1/31/21
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District 3
Mark Havener, Planning Commission District 3
Mark E. Havener
District 3
Term ends 1/31/24

Deborah Lockwood, District 2, Term Expires 1/31/21
Deborah Lockwood
District 2
Term ends 1/31/21

Anthony Mills term ends 1/31/22
Anthony Mills
District 1
Term ends 1/31/22

Jeff Petrillo, Vice Chair, District 2, Term ends 1/31/23
Jeff Petrillo
Chair, District 2
Term ends 1/31/23

Sushmita Poddar, Planning Commissioner At Large
Sushmita Poddar
At Large
Term ends 1/31/24

Eric Urstadt, District 4, Term ends 1/31/2022
Eric Urstadt
District 4
Term ends 1/31/22
Matt Wellner, District 4, Term ends 1/31/23
Matt Wellner
Vice Chair, District 4
Term ends 1/31/23